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Bill - Spinal Cord injury, Ex N'Flex user since 2009

I am from Texas injured in 1999 spinal cord c7 injury. The Ex N’Flex help change my life by helping with the blood flow in my legs reduces spasms, helps to reduce loss of muscle. My Ex N Flex has been reliable for 11 years and is still going with no trouble at all. Everyone needs one great machine the ex n flex 250!

Rosemarie Horn – MS Patient, Ex N’ Flex user since 2006

“The Ex N’ Flex equipment is “Positively Fantastic” and I would highly recommend it for anyone with Multiple Sclerosis”

Diana Jacobson – MS Patient, Ex N’ Flex user since 2003

“THANK YOU again for expertise with the Ex N’ Flex and the support your company has provided from the beginning. I’d recommend the Ex N’ Flex to anyone who is trying to improve their leg flexibility and tone”

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