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Physical Fitness and Exercise for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Physical fitness is a general state of health that results in your ability to carry out daily tasks without getting too tired. The areas of physical fitness that this fact sheet addresses are:

• Muscle Fitness, which includes both strength and endurance, is the ability of your muscles to exert a force, such as lifting a heavy object, and sustaining an activity.


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Home-Based Exercise

Home-based exercise program and fall-risk reduction in older adults with multiple sclerosis: phase 1 randomized controlled trial

Jacob J Sosnoff, Marcia Finlayson, Edward McAuley
First Published August 27, 2013 

Home-based exercise was found to be feasible, safe, and effective for reducing physiological fall risk in older adults with multiple sclerosis. Our findings support the implementation of a larger trial to reduce fall risk in persons with multiple sclerosis.

Click here to read full study: Home-based exercise program and fall-risk reduction

Active Aging

Physical Activity is Medicine for Older Adults

This review aims to present clear guidance about the amount, type and frequency of physical activity for adults 65 and over to achieve health goals. The author discusses the measurement of physical activity, evidence regarding the health benefits of increased physical activity and the extent to which older adults achieve the suggested physical activity guidelines along with suggestions for improvement.

Active Aging

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Cross Sectional Study by Brenner

“…we studied the effects of the passive mode of “Ex’ N Flex” exercise…” “…findings demonstrated a positive effect of passive exercise training on physical functioning of elderly clients in long term care…”

Effects of Passive Exercise Training on Physical and Psychological Variables of Elderly Participants Living in Long-Term Care:

Click here to read full study: A Cross Sectional Study

Our Vision is to be the world leader in providing clients and their care givers access to world class passive active medical therapy devices using market driven results to measurably improve their quality of life.

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